T H I N K     B E Y O N D

What if we told you that science is also a form of art? Archimedes and his infinitesimals, Newton and one falling apple, even Tesla and the oh-so-fun plasma globe… Do you know what they share in common? A big deal of imagination!


Even since the beginning of times, Man has been borrowing Nature’s resources to create tools and using tools to build entire civilizations! Now we’re at the epitome of scientific development, with new inventions coming to life every day and the brightest minds of the planet working together towards the future!


D E M A N D    T H E    I M P O S S I B L E

This collection was a throwback from a Jules Verne old tale, in which a man attempts to travel across the glove in 80 days.


Sophisticated and minimalistic, the collection focuses on three primary stages, the first while travelling through the skies, the second while sailing the seven seas and a third while exploring earthy grounds!


“Demand the Impossible” shares this itinerary inspired on the immensity of tones of blue that, at the end of the day, become a beautiful palette of rose and yellow set on nature’s poetic yellowish greens and earthy tones.