So what’s this barn anyway?

Barn of Monkeys is a creative fashion lab with a special approach to the concept of style.


It’s a brand with solid social and cultural values, seeking to create outstanding long-lasting garments, using nothing but the best fabrics, made with high-quality organic raw-materials with a GOTS certificate.


Barn of Monkeys gives the utmost importance to excellence, artistry and eco-responsibility, put on every detail of its outfits. But what makes Barn of Monkeys so unique, is its urge to make a statement and provide exclusive apparels with a meaning. Apparels for children and teenagers aged 2-16 that last longer, bring families together and shout out for gender standardization!

What makes Barn of Monkeys so special?


Our main goal only design high quality kids and youngers clothes that are are truly meaningful!

Working for 4 years in the national and international marketplace, Barn of Monkeys guides its activity by the highest standards of demand and quality, providing organic raw materials of superior quality and assuring maximum efficiency of rendered service. Quality is achieved by producing the ideas of national designers, proudly in Portugal.


We go the extra mile and we care for our customers!

The company has the privilege to maintain a close contact with its stakeholders, and to service its customers, by anticipating and responding to all their needs.

Barn of Monkeys can be found in our partners stores, where we personal attend our clients and we ship world wild through our online store.


We strongly believe in sustainable fashion!

At Barn of Monkeys we approach fashion in an ethical and transparent way that considers both people and the planet.

Although the industry of clothing encourages damaging our environment and taking advantage of people, at Barn of Monkeys we are strongly against these practices, so we do everything we can to operate in an ethical matter: we use eco-friendly organic materials, the clothing labels and boxes that we use to ship are made of recycled paper, we use environmentally-safe plastic bags, we seek to work with suppliers and resellers who share our commitment, and we take care of our people.


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