A Father’s Day simple and eco-friendly gift idea you can do with your kids

Every Father’s Day we, Mothers, try to come up with fun and original ideas for our children to offer their fathers. As the years go by it gets harder and harder to be original, especially if we’re trying to also be eco-friendly.

Inspired in our Recreation collection, that’s full of life and colors, we thought it would be a cool idea to make some signs, dress up in comfortable clothes and snap some pictures of your children having fun while wishing their father a Happy Father’s Day!

It’s easy, fun and most of all it’s original!

All you need is your children and some sort of sign to wish their daddy a Happy Father’s Day.

We suggest a chalkboard, so you can help the children write their wishes, but you can also use paperboard, colored pens, kid’s paint  and paper! Put your imagination to work!

Then, let’s find the perfect place for the action: your back garden, a special family room of maybe the father’s study! The sign is ready, the scenery is perfect, it’s time to start snapping those photos!

We guarantee that you’ll have at least one great picture to frame and that the Father will cherish it for a lifetime.

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